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Atom Spain systems are present in a wide range of sectors providing technical and productive solutions specially focused in customer needs mainly in processing flexible materials field.

Atomotive, naval, aeronautics, industrial, packaging, composites, technical fabrics, graphic arts, clothing, upholstery, shoemaking, leathergoods...


Our main field is specially focused on cutting systems suited for flexible materials, specially systems providing a technological component giving solution to customer's new challenges. Efficient and productive transforming of raw materials with quality are Atom Spain technological solutions systems proposal

leather, hides, fabrics, synthetics, foam, rubber, paper, cardboard, teflon, PVC, metacrilate, wood, pheno Fenólics, composites, compressed mineral fibers, Graphite, vinyl, foamed cardboard, cellulloise, fibered cardboard, etc..


Pertenecemos al Grupo Multinacional líder mundial en sistemas de corte.
Con más de 150.000 máquinas de corte instaladas definen lo que ATOM representa el mundo del corte industrial, sinónimo de calidad, fiabilidad y tecnología.