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Atom FlashCut line. Flashcut Easy Oscillating blade automatic cutting systems. From small cutting tables focused in prototyping or small production to multihead tables to obtain a high production performance..
Easy series easy are to use and versatile systems solving any customer need, becaming systems suitable for many sectors, like shoemaking, leathergoods, automotive, naval, industrial, automoción, naval, material transforming, etc.
Suited for flexible materials like leather, fabrics, synthetics with a thickness up to 20 mm.

Atom Flashcut Speedy Series are conveyorized (rotative cutting surface) and oscillating knife multi-head cutting tables providing high production performance. 
Suited for flexible materials like leather, fabrics, synthetics with a thickness up to 20mm. Specially suited for shoemaking and leathergoods and synthetic materials.
Computer controlled systems. Atom provides widest software applications range in the market. Variety of automatic Nesting programs covering industrial sector vast majority.

FlashCut All in One is a complete bundle system that joins innovation and technology focused on automatic cutting coming from Atom wide experience in this field.
Binds together Acquiring, placing, cutting and taking off processes in continuous cycle in only one model, thanks to its conveyorized rotative surface. With 2 cutting heads for higher speed and productivity.
Suited for leather cutting, becomes a suitable solution for many sectors like shoemaking, leathergoods, automotive, fabrics, etc.

Complete FlashCut technology software and hardware in a bundle. Sharing cutting head, tools, electronics, CAM software and Automatic and Manual Nesting applications. Telecameras can be placed por piece re-positioning and different cutting heads available. Features that make this system an excellent solution for any industrial sector, like gaskets, automotive, aeronautic, composites, etc.
Flat and sturdy cutting tables available in static or conveyorized versions(rotative cutting surface). Suited to obtain best cutting performance, maximum productivity and better material yield percentage.
Powerful cutting heads for cutting up to 50 mm flexible material thickness.

Atom FlashCut Flex series is designed from a techological evolution in industrial knife cutting systems.
 Sturdy structure and well known new generation electronics quality that ensures high precision and cutting high performance. Wide range of Flex systems with static or conveyorized tables, with lots of optionals that make this series the most flexible. Systems suited for many sectors and current needs.  
Powerful cutting heads for cutting up to 130 mm flexible material thickness.

Atom cutting plotter Light line"Light" satisfying different sector needs in design, pattern making and piece and model prototyping with light materials.

Pertenecemos al Grupo Multinacional líder mundial en sistemas de corte.
Con más de 150.000 máquinas de corte instaladas definen lo que ATOM representa el mundo del corte industrial, sinónimo de calidad, fiabilidad y tecnología.