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Atom Spain main objective is giving a solution to our customers's needs with a professional and next style in different sectors. We are focused on cutting systems to process every flexible material, specially in technological fields and trying to solve our customer's problems.


According to current market needs demanding a faster service of quality. Atom Spain's technical team made of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians in order to provide a better service.
Our qualified personnel is a key element so we have continuous training in order to update knowledge giving better and more effective solutions.


Our purpose is to give a personal quality services translated into a faster answer trying to reach excellence in assistance service.
We know prosuctivity is very important for our customers so a fast answer and piece replacement are essential elements of an effective customer assistance.
We provide assistance via phone and also we have remote connection service.
Customer service office hours: from 8h to 13h / from 15h to 20h
Technical assistance phone: +34 965 386 244
Support Email :

Pertenecemos al Grupo Multinacional líder mundial en sistemas de corte.
Con más de 150.000 máquinas de corte instaladas definen lo que ATOM representa el mundo del corte industrial, sinónimo de calidad, fiabilidad y tecnología.