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Imesa systems are high productivity devices suitable for Industries and companies in different sectors, like gaskets, technical items, material transformation directed to high-medium-low pressure rubber pipes making, sunshades, acoustic membranes, foam, automotive materials...
Flexible and custom-made systems.
Matching all CEE regulation requirements. Quality and reliability are guaranteed by several tests in each productive stage.
 MOD 593  
 Double Cross and Longitudinal cutting system
High performance features cutting system. Suitable for any production field that requires slit cutting from material presented in sheets or rolls. System suitable for longitudinal and cross cutting in one operation. Sturdy and realiable system is a essential equipment for any cutting department. Specially useful in rubber industry, insulating, automotive, buildings, gaskets... 
  • Steel made Roll holding arm and 2 clamps.
  • Mechanical brake for material tension adjustment.
  • Longitudinal cutting system with rotary blades and manual placement.
  • 5 rotary blades 160x70x2HSS
  • 5 blade supports.
  • Blade axis raising device with manual raising.
  • Adjustable material guides
  • Step by step motor based transportation system
  • Raising and lowering roll transporter with pneumatic controller.
  • Encoder guided longitudinal control
  • Clipper cutting system with electronic programming of dimensions.
    blade/counterblade adjustable cutting group.
  • 0-15 mt/min approx. cutting speed
  • Independent control table
  • machine main operations auto-diagnosis Control system
  • Polycarbonate made Safety protections with safety micros.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Tilted plane for a easier already cut pieces collection.
  • 593 model, Double-cut laminating machine available in different width from 800 to 2000 mm.
 MOD 593 Baby  
 Conveyorized longitudinal and cross cutting system
Conveyorized cross and longitudinal cutting system
High performance mechanical features in a compact design. Cross and longitudinal cutting in one operation. Sturdy and reliable system, essential in any cutting department. Conveyorized system with adjustable speed and brushless motor operated. 
  • Longitudinal and cross cutting system suitable for flexible materials.
  • Width: 600mm
  • Conveyor with adjustable speed and brushless motor operated.
  • support with interchangeable blades
  • Adjustable Blade height
  • Programmable and automatic lubrication system with blade spraying system.
  • Step by step based transporter system.
  • Cross cutting head with blade over conveyor
  • Transport speed: 0-12 m/min approx
  • Control screen PLC touchscreen for machine operation managing
  • Manual or automatic work cycle.
  • Meter counter with programmable stop
  • Encoder for material transport verification.
  • Transparent polycarbonate-made safety protections
  • Material tension adjusted by electronic system
  • Ballarino axis for machine speed align and rewinder loop control
  • Matching all CEE regulation requirements.
 MOD K1/K1-DS  
 Lamination Calander

Basic K1 model is a Calender for laminating self-adhesive paper with foam or other materials. It can process sponge or foam logs combining them with self-adhesive film.
K1-DS new version is appropiate for expanded or flexible material presented in log or sheet formats. It applies a transfer adhesive film in both sides. K1-DS also has a second roll holder for paper with adhesive and a tension controlled winder for adhesive protection liner. Material with adhesive on both sides is winded with only one side protected by liner.
  • 20 m/min electronic adjusted speed.
  • Loading table. Mechanical adjusted Roll distance.
  • Electro-magnetic brake for roll tension adjustment.
  • Reel with tension electronic control, with easy unfasten supports,
  • 75mm diameter pneumatic enlargement axis.
  • Roll support for adhesive film 500mm max diameter with enlargement axis and with easy unfasten supports with electro-magnetic brake.
  • Optional Unloading material table.
  •  Optional Reel for silicone paper.
  • Optional longitudinal cutting.
  • Optional cross cutting.
 MOD 558  
 Automatic and electronic versatile log slitter.
Mod. 558 allows indistinctly to cut: synthetic materials - coated materials - textiles - coated, rubbered and adhesivized fabrics and self-adhesive materials - Non-wovens and technical materials - rubber - rubber sheets - foam rubber and similars - films in PVC-PP-PE - graphite - cork and so on.
This machine has been developed to reduce manual adjustment by the operator by using electronic devices.
Expanding shaft for internal locking of the roll to be cut.
The software is extremely flexible, and very user friendly immediately allowing a considerable saving in set up time and material utilisation.
  • Automatic blade out diameter laser acquiring system.
  •  It equippes a blade double sharpening plc controlled system with automatic adjustment of entrance angles.
  • There are different roll holding systems from inside or outside.
  • Saw or flat blade cutting edge.
  •  Cutting speed and displacement controlled by brushless motors ensuring fast and accurate cutting.
  • Blade Oiling system actuated by plc.
  • According to current Safety regulations.
Working Area   1700-2200mm 
Diameter máx. roll   400-500mm 
Diameter max. blade   500-600mm 
Interchangeable mandrines   Different dimensions on request
Tolerance   +/-.01 
Cutting Technology   Rotative blade on mandrine
Dimensions   2950x1600xh1700 mm 
 3450x1800xh1800 mm
Weight   2000kg 
  • cutting edge pivot angle adjustable and programmable.
  • blade diameter laser control.
  • Teleservice.
  • Technical assistance
  • Remote connection.
  • Webcam.
  • Roll holder.
 MOD 556 gomma  
 Automatic log slitter
Automatic and electronic versatile and advanced log slitter.
MOD 556 gomma allows indistinctly to cut: synthetic materials - coated materials - textiles - coated, rubbered and adhesivized fabrics and self-adhesive materials - Non-wovens and technical materials - rubber - rubber sheets - foam rubber and similars - films in PVC-PP-PE -PU - graphite - cork and so on.
This machine has been developed to reduce manual adjustment by the operator by using electronic devices. Powerful and easy to use software.
  • Machine main operation control Programming managed by plc.
  • Accurate and fast multi-speed cutting movement.
  •  Angle/blade programming according to material type and cutting dimensions.
  • Trolley fixed to machine end in order to improve guides maintenance and avoiding contact with cutting dust and oil sprays.
  • Plc controlled blade oiling automatic system.
  • Machine total protection motorized and according to current regulations.
  • Free useful space: 1550 mm
  • Ø  max roll: 400 - 600 mm
  • Ø blade max : 800 - 800 mm
  • interchangeable chucks: Different dimensions on request
  • Stroke tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm
  • cutting system: rotatory blade over chuck
  • DIMENSIONS: 2900x2400x2150H
  • WEIGHT: Kg. 2300
 MOD 1  
 Multi-blade slitter Shear

This machine features high performance mechanical characteristics and can be employed in all fields requiring the cutting of strips of materials presented in sheets, plates and rolls, such as leather, rubber and foam.
Solidly built and designed for extreme reliability, this machine is an indispensable equipment for any factory cutting department, and is especially useful in the conveyor belts and rubber sector in general.
The Mod.1 is produced in 2 main versions:
  • With a cutting system using a blade and counter-blade, well suited for leather, fibre cartons, Texon, asbestos-free materials, etc.
  • With a cutting system using a Ø 160x70x2 mm counter-blade on a nylon roller, well suited for rubber, microporous materials, foam materials. The maximum cutting thickness is 38 mm (depending on the type of material).
  • The Mod.1 can also be fitted with an adjustable electronic speed device which, as required, can be accessorized with winder units for collecting the cut strips of material.
 MOD 591  
 Rewinder Shear

Electronic, automatic and programmable Line of transversal cut (guillottine system).
Working width: until 800mm
  • ControL system with autodiagnosis for machine main operations.
  • Plc for working programmes management.
  • Transport system with step by step motor actuated.
  • Adjustable material transport speed.
  • Roll Raising-lowering actuated by pneumatic controller.
  • Guillotine blade/counterblade cutting unit.
  • Material side guides.
  • Roll holder device.
  • Transparent Polycarbonate-made safety protections with safety microswitch.
  • Emergency stop button.
 MOD 7A  
 Strap cutting machine working width 250 mm

This machine is able to cut in stripes several material types(leather, hide, rubber and synthetic material). It can cut from a minimum width of 2 mm. up to a maximun width of 250 mm.
Particularly strong, this machine p is suitable for the particular cutting exigences on materials quite hard and thick, besides it makes more cutting than every other machine in the market, allowing to obtain a greater output. The motor starting is due by a pedal control or by a lever switch which gives working praticalness.
  • WIDTH: 520 mm
  • DEPTH: 750 mm
  • HEIGHT: 1300 mm
  • WEIGHT: 230 kg
  • HEAD WEIGHT: 120 Kg
  • MOTOR: 4 HP
  • FREE SPACE: 250 mm
  • CUTTING SPEED: 20/23 mt/min
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